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Guitar Hero Presents: The Beatles Rock Band Video

Remember this date - September 9, 2009. Why? Simple... because it will be the release of the newest artist to the Guitar Hero Game archive, The Beatles. Guitar Hero now presents The Beatles Rockband featuring all the great songs from the legendary band Beatles. Join John, Paul, George and Ringo onstage at legendary shows, behind closed doors in the recording studio, and in dreamscapes that bring their psychedelic imagery to life. The acclaimed Rock Band elements of interactive play and full-band capacity are here, but with brand-new additions. This will be the first music game to offer harmonies, challenging you to recreate The Beatles’ vocal blend. There are custom-built models of the instruments the band itself played; audio straight from the masters; and graphics that take you on a magical tour through the key moments in Beatle history.

The Beatles: Rock Band intro (Cinematic Trailer - Animated Promo) HD

So what do we have to expect from this new game? Well of course the fans of The Beatles will be thrilled to get ahold of this new release of Guitar Hero but some of the not so fans are already critiquing the game. But the Beatles had been one of the greatest bands that ever performed and I am sure that tons and tons of fans will be making their way to gaming stores and are even pre-ordering the game.

Here is a Game Play Trailer of The Beatles Rockband:

For complete game information on The Beatles Rock Band visit their official website.

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