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Apple Culture Drives Suicidal Tendencies

A 25-year old Apple product manager jumped off from his 12th floor apartment after he cannot find the missing 4th generation N90 Apple iPhone. It was revealed that the close and secretive culture of Apple, Inc., the known producer of Apple iPhone is driving some of its employees to the edge whenever they loose something or was being suspected of leaking important information. The latest casualty being Sun.

According to a report in the influential Nanfang Daily, Sun, a 25-year-old product manager, became frantic after discovering that one of 16 prototypes of Apple's fourth-generation N90 iPhone had gone missing. The iPhone is Apple's hottest-selling device and the latest version is a well-kept secret.

Sun vented his growing frustration in text messages to his girlfriend and a former classmate, and tried to find the missing device, the Nanfang Daily said. But company officials from Foxconn's security division apparently got suspicious and raided his home.

The incident, which triggered an investigation from local police and within Foxconn itself, sparked a Web firestorm in China and has provoked criticism of Apple's intensely guarded culture.

The company has previously threatened lawsuits against media and bloggers that try to publish information about its upcoming products, often arguing they obtained the information from employees who violated confidentiality agreements.

So what does this mean for Apple and perhaps to other companies who are fighting it over the technology field? Well, the competition is still and screw the workers. I hope it is not that way though.

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