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U.S. President Barack Obama's Inaugural Speech Faces Crisis Head On

The Inaugural Speech of United States President Barack Obama is a reality check to all Americans. It is a speech which asks everyone to take part in solving an unprecedented crisis that the United States is facing. Obama acknowledges that the path will be hard and the challenges are great but they will be met. He calls on every citizen to unite behind him and set aside childishness. Hope, unity, strong action, sacrifice and steadfastness will be the main foundations of the Obama presidency.

Obama also touches in his speech the needed actions to combat the global climate crisis, the need to promote peace and to solve the economic crisis that the country is facing. He offered a salute to fallen soldiers and heroes and mentions the heroism in each and every American.

The speech lasted 20 minutes and did not include any huge promises and big expectations. It is a speech of reality and challenge. It is safe to say that Obama chose to be honest to his constituents rather than offer a fanfare which may in time become the nightmare of his presidency.

Before that during the swearing in ceremony, Obama garbled in the pledge due to the length of the phrase he is about to say. The president just smiled and continue with the swearing in. For some it seems a very odd thing to see in a ceremony like this.

Among the most prominent part of the ceremony was the invocation by Rick Warren, the author of the very popular inspirational book, "The Purpose Driven Life." Seems like President Obama has made his life part of the greatest purpose for every American.

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