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Nuffnang Supports Good Causes with Free Advertising

Nuffnang one of the most promising blog advertising and blog community website and is also the first ever Asia-Pacific Blog Advertising firm edge up a new with their helping hand for good causes. They are now offering FREE ADS to heir registered blog network for Nonprofit Ads who opt-in to this new feature. There are only few online websites and services which really has a hear for good causes. Another one that I know is Joomla and most of its community has a heart for a healthy cause. To date, over 80,000 bloggers have signed up with Nuffnang in Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines and Australia.

Advertiser rollcall includes bluechips such as Citibank, Honda, Walls, AirAsia, Nokia, Nike, Nescafe, Twisties, and more. Beyond blog advertising, they are also a community for bloggers by bloggers.

Now here is that new announcement from the Nuffnang Admins...

Re: Opt-in for Nonprofit Ads

Dear Blogger:

Do you care enough -

About your school, your health, your home, your environment?

We have set up a nonprofit ad option at Nuffnang. We plan to help and promote good causes by giving free exposure on our blog community on blogsites that opt-in to this program.

We will only display nonprofit ads that meet the following criteria:

1) Does not displace a revenue generating ads, so that bloggers do not have to sacrifice earnings

2) Represent good, nonprofit causes, such as assisting school alumni associations raise money, or connect with fellow alumni, promoting environmental awareness, health, charity or similar causes.

3) Do not represent political interests (although we may accept paid political advertisements in the future).

4) Only on sites that have opted-in to this program.

Note that we do not receive any revenue for this service, and bloggers who opt-in, will not receive revenue also. However, we will not displace any free ads if revenue generating campaigns are running.

We really believe that this program provides a valuable service to our community and the public. Therefore, we do request and encourage that you join. If you are willing to support this by posting advertorials or carrying banner ads for free, please email us your name, contact number and mailing address at

If you have suggestions for good causes, please email us at However, please note that because we have a limited amount of resources dedicated to this program, we plan to be somewhat selective and we may not be able to support all the good causes out there.

Thanks very much.

Best regards,
Nuffnang Admin

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