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A Time for a New Bretton Woods Conference

The South has not been immune to the financial meltdown of the developed North, but the South's partial decoupling from the North has somewhat lessened the impact. Yet, the existing Bretton Woods institutions continue to favour "globalisation" rather than decoupling. The writing on the wall is becoming evidently clear: the time has come for a new Bretton Woods-kind of conference (this time probably somewhere in the South – Beijing?).

The Bretton Woods Project is launching a page to try to share intelligence and track civil society efforts in relation to such a global summit. See: global summit to reform the international financial system: Intelligence and responses towards a so-called "Bretton Woods 2" The page is aimed at helping civil society coordinate a response to this potential conference. We will try to bring you analysis, links to documents and highlight selected events. So check back often for updates and new information. If you want to contribute something just write to

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