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The Dangers and Repercussions of the Obama Presidency

Everyone is rejoicing about the victory of Barack Obama as the 44th President of the United States and as the first ever African-American president in the United States history but little or only a few have thought of the dangers of a failure of an Obama presidency. This is indeed a victory for democracy and for African-Americans but may also be a curse if failure occurs. Why?

Let us look at some points which I have thought of while listening to Barack Obama's acceptance speech.

First, an Obama failure may mean a disaster for future African-American candidates. They will equate to failure and inability to lead. It might create a perception that they are inferior when it comes to leadership. Worst of all it may take many years for Americans to elect once again an African-American president or worst in any elected office.

Second, an Obama failure will make Americans rethink of eloquent and young candidates. Obama charmed the electorate y his eloquence and speeches. Speeches that many says means nothing. If ever Obama will fail short of what he promised as the change he will be bringing as President then perhaps voters need to see more than just what the candidates are saying.

Third, a huge backlash for Democrats. It can be a huge backlash for democrats in the next election and they might suffer a bigger lose than what John McCain experience during this years election.

Fourth, perhaps a huge chance for Hilary Clinton to say, "I told you so." Perhaps she can finally run for the presidency unopposed and be given the chance as the first ever women president of the United States.

Those are scenarios, dangers and repercussions of the Obama Presidency which I am not praying to happen. I personally want the success of President Barack Obama and that he brings positive and great change to the United States. That he makes the United States the real bastion of democracy and freedom.

Again, Congratulations President Barack Obama!

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