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Social Networking Kills? Beware and Be Informed.

TECH GUIDE IT'S FRIDAY (TGIF): "The world would be better off without you!" A girl apparently hanged herself after reading this message from someone whom she is interacting in MySpace. Megan Meir killed herself minutes after she received this message from a faker personality named Josh in MySpace after she responded, "You are the kind of boy a girl would kill herself over." And now Lori Drew, 49, her then-13-year-old daughter, Sarah, and Grills are facing trial for Meagan's death after they created the MySpace alias in September 2006 to befriend Megan to find out if she was spreading rumors about Sarah which eventually led to her death.

This case which is the first ever cyberbullying case shows not only the effectivenesss and realism of social networking but also warns us of the danger it can create.

Millions and millions of people are hooked up on social networking sites like Friendster, MySpace, Facebook, Multiply and more. They talked and interact with people which are hidden and entrenched in the profile they created on these social networks.

These profiles although verified through email has the threat that the actual person owning the profile is not the person being portrayed in the profile itself. Anyone can pose as someone else on this social networking and lure others to believe that they are what they say they are.

What are the threats to this? Well there are actually too many to mention but based on experience relationships and sex are the most common trend in social networking sites. People getting into a relationship through these sites are very common, as well as those seeking to have sexual pleasure and satisfaction.

In Friendster alone, despite the fact that nude photos and profile with sexual orientation are not allowed there are thousands of profile who belongs to this and there are also thousands of groups which focus on this trend.

The hazard of using social networking to drive a person mad and insane is not nil but can be common and terrifying. A person just like Megan might be led to believe that the one he/she is interacting is really real and when things go nasty the toll is on the person who is truthful and realistic.

So if you are using social networking sites like these beware and be on the watch. Do not just give your identify or get so much hooked up for after all you will discover that you are dealing with a fake personality.

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