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Children Dies of Hunger in Haiti

While many of us enjoy and savor our daily meal and some still gets obese and full, hundreds of children are dying in Haiti because of malnutrition and hunger. It was indeed shocking to see children as young as five years old being held only by straps because their body cannot even stand. Their bodies are like broomstick which will flew away even with a meager wind.

Haiti had been devastated by storms after storms. In August, Tropical Storm Fay hit, followed by Hurricane Gustav, Tropical Storm Hanna and Hurricane Ike, and these was the worst they can get as prices soar sky high and many had fallen into deep hunger.

Rural families already struggling with soaring food prices in Haiti, the Western Hemisphere's poorest country, lost their safety nets when fields were destroyed and livestock wiped out by the storms, which killed nearly 800 people and caused $1 billion worth of damage in August and September.

At least 26 severely malnourished children have died in the past four weeks in the remote region of Baie d'Orange in Haiti's southeast, aid workers said Thursday, and there are fears the toll will rise much higher if help does not come quickly to the impoverished Caribbean nation.

Another 65 severely malnourished children are being treated in makeshift tent clinics in the mountainous area, or at hospitals where they were evacuated in Port-au-Prince and elsewhere, said Max Cosci, who heads the Belgian contingent of Doctors Without Borders in Haiti.

The country sees no immediate hope for this worsening situation even though there are already tons of international aide. The situation is brought harder specially by very remote places where the hunger is severe.

Our recommendation: Check out the internet or your local government authorities and if possible find ways to donate and help the country of Haiti. Let us not abandon our fellowmen.

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