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Shen Shares Blogging for a Cause to Bloggers

Just recently I have shared my ideas on blogging for a cause during the Philippine Bloggers Night at the My LIttle Arts Place in Greenhills, San Juan on June 10, 2008. Sharing the experiences of being a youth leader, a blogger owning several blogs which includes this one, Pagod Ka Na Bang Maging si Juan, The Blog Reviewer, and Ordinary People, Ordinary Day among others I tried to inspire fellow bloggers to blog not only for personal or money reasons but also to inspire others.

The event is a workshop on creating a blog and how individuals and other institutions are using it. Some bloggers gave insights about how they built their blogs and what they focus on. Others shared how media companies are adapting to the changes brought about by the Internet. The realization is that media is not the gatekeeper of information anymore. The power to disseminate has also been given to the ordinary individual.

For my part even though I am not present that night I was able to do my share through skype and a webcam. Attached to the place sound system and with the help of Andy Moran from Team RP we were able to reach the bloggers and share some thoughts with them.

Philippine Blogger's Night Video

The event is organized by a group of bloggers calling themselves Flippyknows, whose name is a play of the word Filipino. Just as their tagline says, Because the Filipino Knows, the group focuses on encouraging Filipinos to develop their creativity and also on technology.

For this particular night, the group also partnered with Team RP, who is advocating change in the society for the sake of truth, accountability and reform.

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