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POLITICALLY WEDNESDAY: W. George Bush Film and Bush's Legacy

The new film to be released this fall (October) will be the first ever film about the President of the United States who is still in office. It is a satire about how George W. Bush catapulted to the White House from a mere "the usual" youth of today. It proves to be an exciting, daring and will surely be one of the most controversial films of the year.

At a time where the United States economy is flatering and the bailout plan is rejected by the U.S. Congress and at a time where Barack Obama, the Democratic Presidential Candidate seems to gain ground.. a film like this will surely be watched by many and might also affect how the voters perceive the candidates.

W teaser trailer Oliver Stone bio on G W Bush

What made Oliver Stone produce the film? Is Oliver Stone supporting Barack Obama or is it simply a film made to make the most out of today's situation?

Well, we will never know. All I can say is this is a good movie to watch.

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