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YOUTHFUL THURSDAY: The Youth Makes Change Happen

In many cases of revolution and change the youth is the common factor in its success from beginning to end but the hard fact most of the time is at the final countdown the youth also becomes the losers. In freedom movements like that in China, the Philippines, Burma or in Environmental campaigns like that of Green Peace or in Peace Advocacy like the Generation Peace Network and PeaceTech, the youth is at the helm of it. What makes the youth so powerful in today's world?

Youth is defined by Webster's New World Dictionary as, "The time of life when one is young; especially: a: the period between childhood and maturity b: the early period of existence, growth, or development."

Age consideration of the term youth also varies. In the Philippines, the Youth in Nation Building Act defines the youth as those who belongs to the age 15-30. Other's like the United Nations General Assembly defines youth as those persons falling between the ages of 18 and 24 years inclusive. In the Government of Tasmania youth are those peoplebetween the ages 20 and 25 while in Wilson School District these are those people between the ages of 14 and 21.

Kilos Kabataan Laban Natin Ito - BROOD Making A Difference

The youth comprises the majority of the world population. They might account for a minimum of 40% to a high of 60% of the total world population. In the Philippines alone the youth represents around the same percentage of the voting population. They are active in social participation, blogging, gaming, studies and even taking action. They are the most vibrant of the social sector and is still open to changes and new ideas.

The youth are risk takers. They will fight for a principle which they truly believe in. Take for example the youth who led the great revolution in China and then decades after those who demanded for change in Tienamen Square. Look at the youth who are leading the call for reform in the Philippines and those who are actively voicing their opinions on the streets.

Youth for Obama

In the United States, the youth catapulted Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama to be the first ever black nominee for the President. It was the youth in the Philippines who elected Sen. Antonio Trillanes, who had campaigned from his prison cell under a very tight budget.

But in the end it is the youth who are overtaken by the more experienced, greedy and tactical elders who most of the time would like to take hold of the order that they have already established. The idealism of the youth is sometimes the same idealism that leads to their downfall.

Youth Activism Creating a Positive Change For Our Future

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