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ENTERTAINMENT MONDAY: Brian Gorrell Still Seeks Justice from DJ Montano

Brian Gorrell, a 38-year-old which is diagnosed to have HIV+ man, who for a year lived in the Philippines is still seeking out justice after DJ Montano or Delfin 'DJ' Justiniano Ocampo Montano II allegedly snatched him of all the cash savings he had. He is also the owner of the very famous blog which even Google went surprised due to its hits. The blog was eventually closed down but now I stumbled once more on his new blog or is it new?

Life changed dramatically after giving up everything I had worked hard for in Australia, for my new future with a new relationship in the Philippines. I gave my life savings to my ex for our two businesses and within six months lost every penny to my scheming morally bankrupt ex boyfriend, Delfin DJ Montano. The entire business was a scam, leaving me penniless and terrified for my health and future well-being. My life changed forever, and he fled the Philippines and currently lives in San Francisco. My mother encouraged me to fight for my future, dignity and the justice I craved, in order to move on with my life. This blog is my own form of justice for DJ Montano and the many other Filipinos who have to answer for their behaviour in the Philippines.

This was basically how Brian described himself in his blog entitles "The Not So Talented Delfin "DJ" Justiniano Ocampo Montano II: You Can Run DJ Montano...". He is seemingly very passionate and obsessed to recover the money he lost to DJ Montano and even attacks not only him but also his friends in the Philippine Star like Tim Yap.

Brian alleges that he lost a huge some of money amounting to US$70,000 to DJ Montano and he wants that back. Reading from what he writes he seems to be very angered and in total war against the Montano's. I do not know if that includes Cesar Montano and his clan as well.

It seems that Brian Gorell and this DJ Montano had a relationship and out of trust he had loaned that amount of money which equates to nearly 3 million pesos. A lot of money indeed byt th question is why would the family not just pay it back and why would he loan the money to DJ Montano in the first place? Out of love? Perhaps and very possible.

This is a hate blog and be prepared for the words and for some revelations that you should examine first before taking it by what is written. I am not saying that Brian is just making up stories but since I do not know the story first hand it is hard to conclude indeed.

To Brian, I just hope that justice is served to you and that the truth comes out. I do not know you personally but if what you say is true then you deserve every bit of justice.

Personally, I hope that this issue does settle and justice gets served to whoever really deserves it. Brian Gorrell also sends his congratulations to The Professional Heckler for winning the Best Entertainment Blog at the 2008 Philippine Blog Awards.