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U.S. Independence Day 2008: Does the United States Value Real Independence?

This was the question I had been thinking today as the United States celebrates its Independence Day. Every July 4th the world's number 1 super power is celebrating the day it liberated itself from its British colonizers and now a strong ally. But did the United States learn the true value of freedom and democracy?

In many nation and countries, the United States continue to hold strong presence and influence. They try to influence through different ways. Influence that rewards most of the time their own interests.

The occupation in Iraq proved to be more than just the weapons of mass destruction and could play a major role now that oil prices are increasing. Their presence in Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia and other Asian countries are all strategically plan to keep its interests safe from the likes of Iran, North Korea and Palestine.

In an era of espionage, power play, globalization and terrorism, the United States is more like a nation ready to make its stand on issues and take the side that will benefit them regardless of whether it would actually help a country.

Though George Bush this country had neglected the signs of Climate Change and remains hard in its stand not to abide by the Kyoto Protocol. But thanks to the like of Al Gore and its citizens which realizes the urgency to resolve issues like this.

A battle front for true independence and racial equality is also unfolding in the United States as Senator Barrack Obama bids a campaign to become the first black U.S. president. Will the electorate allow this? Will the white finally see beyond color?

There are the questions that we should see answered as time goes by.

Happy Independence Day to citizens of the United States!

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