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Cabal Online - A Game That Made Me Play Again

I stop playing online games 3 years ago and the last game I played was Ragnarok Online. I did play Ragnarok and increase my level using bots played by my friends because I have no internet connection of my own at that time. Now, upon invitation of one of my friends and upon seeing a good poster at the MRT station I decided to try Cabal Online. I downloaded the game and started playing. Well I chose my favorite character as always... The Warrior.

"Warriors" are those who have inherited the very first form of "force". They practice physical strength by using force rather than manipulating it, thus being a warrior requires being more physically superior than those of the other forms of force. As they prioritize physical power over technique and speed, their fights are often more thrilling and dynamic. Their starting area is Bloody Ice.

Playing for the first time again made me look like a newbie... well I am indeed a newbie. Learning the skills to attack, travel and utilize controls. Well this game is really promising since I am also familiar with Diablo and since Cabal is a little similar to that I know I will enjoy playing this.

Cabal Online is an action MMORPG game, pronounced as kah-ball (From the Korean pronunciation), set in a 3rd person view perspective. Like most modern MMORPG games, it includes a skill and class system, PvP system, and a guild system. It also utilizes a combo system within its gameplay that allows players to have more powerful attacks based on timing. The primary aspect of leveling in the game is through quests. Quests can progress the storyline, or be a "side" quest. Generally, quests involve players travelling to a location and killing monsters, either a certain quantity, or in order to obtain certain item drops, or by completing dungeon quests.

The game takes place in a mythical world known as Nevareth, which has been decimated by an evil entity known as CABAL. Survivors of the devastation were scattered across the now-barren landscape. In this world, seven "masters" rose up, each wielding the ancient abilities of the "Force Power". These masters taught the people, and the world was rebuilt. One year later, the CABAL is plotting a return to power by breeding a child to be the new king of the people. The players of the game take up the role of heroes who battle the CABAL uprising and conspiracy.

The skill system allows players to deduct or remove skills completely by paying in-game currency. At every decadic level (i.e. at every 10 level interval), there is a promotion quest to earn one of either of these special skills: Astral Weapon, Battle Aura, Battle Mode, Combo Mode, an upgrade in either of these 5 skills, the ability to use and attack on an Astral bike or board, and the ability to combine Aura Mode with Battle Modes. The PvP system has a limit of 3 minutes in which you must kill the player in order to receive 1 Honor Point (that can be used for buying higher stacks of items/potions in 1 inventory slot) and the player is automatically sent to the nearest town with zero death penalties.