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Olive Riley, Worlds Oldest Blogger Dies at 108

Olive Riley, the worlds oldest blogger on record died July 13 at a Nursing Home. Riley, had made her last post on her blog at age 108. This proves that blogging is not only for teens or the young but for people of all ages. In her final post, dated June 26, an increasingly frail Olive noted she couldn't "shake off that bad cough".

The Good and the Bad News Around Us extends its deepest condolences to the family and friends of Olive Riley. She had made a mark in the blogosphere that will be remembered forever. May she inspire every blogger to continue to strive and deliver good blogs and post to all.

Olive had posted almost a hundred entries on her blog, or as she jokingly labelled it, her "blob", since February last year. The ardent Sydney Swans AFL fan shared her day-to-day musings and her life's experiences raising three children on her own, living through two world wars and the Depression, her work as a station cook in rural Queensland and as an egg sorter and barmaid in Sydney.

Olive's musing live on at and more recently at

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