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BMW Gina Light Car Model Will Revolutionize the Auto Industry

The newly released model of BMB called BMW GINA Light Visionary Model is revolutionizing the way we see cars. The first translation of the GINA philosophy into physical being is demonstrated in the Light Visionary Model concept.

The only question that comes in mind when seeing this car is whether it is affordable and I am sure that it is not and will cause million of dollars. The second question would be its environmental compliance with the current hybrid cars being advocated in the market.

The fabric that covers the Visionary's body is constructed from a waterproof and temperature-resistant mesh netting on the outer layer, supported by a flexible metal- wire structure underneath to maintain the skin's tension and smoothness. Around a few areas where curvatures of the skin are called for, carbon struts are added to allow for higher flexibility while keeping the rounded contours.

The Light Visionary Model is striking not only because of its fabric outer skin, but also its utility in form following function. Because of the flexible skin, the headlights can be hidden or exposed when necessary. The side markers to signal lane changes are not visible on the outside until they are turned on during use — their light shines though the translucent (but not transparent) cover. Airflow around the car can be managed actively as the skin can be closed, opened or stretched based on need; the rocker-panel shape can be adjusted for better aerodynamics. And because the rear deck is covered by one single piece of fabric, the spoiler can be completely hidden when it is not in use.

Reference: Yahoo News