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Ad Masquerading as Entrecard Widget. Please Do Not Accept this Ad

Today while dropping on entrecard widgets I accidentally clicked on this ad of Z Solutions Exchange. I clicked it at least 3 times because I was surprised that it redirected me to another site and then only to find out that it was not an entrecard widget but an advertisement.

I found this ad on Marriage and Beyond and Scott's Space and all I can say is that this ad does not deserve a place in a member site of Entrecard.

First and foremost because it is fooling everyone into clicking it because they will think at first that it is a widget, the result it drives traffic to that site by mere accident. The second point is that this site is not even a member of Entrecard, so I think EC has to do something about it for I believe it infringes some copyright.

I hope that fellow EC members will read and spread this post and ban this advertiser from their site. Just remember the logo and the site name for I will not even dare put a link to their site here.