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Traffic Zap Exchange is Irritating for Site Visitors.. Don't Get Zapped!

Recently I have seen the jump in websites who uses this traffic exchange and I am not so happy with it. The site promises a lot for webmasters and for blogs as well. Imagine doubling or increasing your traffic by just joining this free network. Wow! Your first impression would be amazing but mind you your visitors would not be happy when they are zapped on an irritating ad.

We've made it easy for you to trade visitors with other webmasters. Now you can swap real visitors with over 75,000 registered Exchange member sites to generate a continuous stream of targeted, unique visitors to your site.

Really, or was it right that you will slow down the computer of the visitors with your instant pop up ads that opens in a new window and when you attempt to close it the whole browser will close down? That was nice! Do you agree?

I used to be a regular dropper in entrecard and I really got irritated when one by one my windows did increase because of sites who did sign up for this and as your window increases naturally your computer resources will be zapped. That is... thanks to Traffic Zap Exchange.

Our Members receive an INSTANT AND SIGNIFICANT traffic increase by using the TrafficZap Exchange.

And they also receive a significant visitors who gets irritated with their website.

All you need to do is copy and paste one line of html code into your site, and the TrafficZap Network will start marketing you immediately. In addition, we build your affiliate program for you, guaranteeing even more traffic. It's easy, it's free, and it works instantly.

Go on and copy the code and they will make their advertisers. Will they be marketing you or will they be destroying you to your avid readers and visitors because of instant pop up ads that sucks on their CPU resources.

TrafficZap's advanced technology promotes targeted, unique, top quality visitors to your site. Conversion ratios beat standard banner advertising by 30 times!

Who will be reading the ad on a new window with the word "Traffic Zap Exchange" would you? This is an idea that I do not subscribed to and does not recommend to any wise webmaster.

If you really want to boost your traffic and have your site advertised then all you have to do is really sign up for ENTRECARD. ENTRECARD is proven to generate relatively good traffic to your site and even boost your rankings. What more you can even get a chance to look at new blogs of interest and even interact.

Don't get zap on this one... be a wise webmaster!