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Barrack Obama Denounces Rev. Jeremiah Wright's Statements

Democratic Presidential front runner, Barrack Obama just released a video denouncing the recent statements of his religious pastor for 20 years, Rev. Jeremiah White which raises a new racial color on the campaign. Viewing the video myself and hearing what the pastor had to say and being objective makes me believe that there is in fact truth to what he is saying... it is the reality not only in America but in other countries as well.

Barrack Obama's Answers on Rev. Wright's Statements

Clearly there is some racial divide in the campaign as well with majority of blacks supporting Barrack Obama and majority of Whites supporting Hilary Clinton but that is not the major consideration as polls regarding this have already shown. Some even says that the dumbest thing to do is to base your choice based on your raise.

Look at it this way, who is favoring allegations like this? Hilary Clinton? Perhaps in some way because she will get the doubt vote from Barrack Obama's supporters. But digging into who is airing this tapes and footages which is Fox News... then you know who the real benefactor is... John McCain.

Fox News had been a media outfit which is brewing controversies and has a stain on its honesty and fairness as a broadcast network. Of course we all remember how this network distorted the elections back then when it proclaimed George Bush as the winner and made Al Gore loose.

Here are two videos on YouTube about Rev. Jeremiah Wright's statements. One is a video from Fox News brewing and adding flame to the controversy and the second one is the footage of the speech.

Digest what the pastor is saying then reflect on it. Should it affect your choice for Obama as President? I do not think so because he is not Barrack Obama in the first place.