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"We Need Change and the Truth!", Rep. Teddy Casiño says in an interview

We are supposed to attend a Youth legislator's Forum sponsored by the Office of Representative Teddy Casiño of Bayan Muna but at the last minute it was postponed because majority of the participants had been called to support the ongoing investigation of the ZTE Broadband Deal at the Senate. Laurice, staff of Rep Casiño invited us to come over anyway and have a one-on-one discussion with him. Given this opportunity Cesar and I decided to interview the opposition solon.

We are honored and very thankful to Rep. Casiño for giving this opportunity. What follows below is our Q and A with Rep. Teddy Casiño of Bayan Muna excerpted from the original Filipino version.

Interview with Teddy Casiño His interview focused on topics which are of great importance to the country today, from the fall of Jose de Venecia to the Lozada expose, the Gloria resign call and to personal agendas of Bayan Muna in Congress. Rep. Casiño was kind enough to answer our questions and even gave us the opporunity to took a video message of him addressed to the people.

Q. What is your position on the ouster of former house speaker Jose de Venecia?

A. I voted against it because I believe that it is part of the cover up for the ZTE expose. It is also a retaliation against the expose of the speaker's son, Joey de Venecia. I don't mind changing the leadership in the house but this move came at the wrong time and for the wrong reasons.

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