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Plagiarism vs Excerpting and Believing in Someone: The Obama Plagiarism Issue

Sen. Hilary Clinton had accused Sen. Barrack Obama of plagiarising a speech he used in the Wisconsin campaign which Clinton said is from Mr. Patrick Deval who is also closed to Obama.

You may ask how low and how irrational the accusations are becoming and how desperate the Clinton camp is going in order to prevent another Obama victory in the upcoming primaries. It's getting dirties by the day. Let us examine a video presentation from YouTube and my take on this issues.

Barack Obama's Wisconsin speech from 2/17/08

The speeches might be similar but was it plagiarism? If you believe in what your friend have said and you used it in your speech, was it plagiarism? If you genuinely believe in something and you talk about it, was it plagiarism?

I think it is not plagiarism but a confirmation of belief and conviction in what a person or a friend have said.

“Deval and I trade ideas all the time. He has occasionally used lines of mine and at the dinner in Wisconsin I used some words of his. On occasion, Senator Clinton has used words of mine as well."

It was an honest answer for if it was not then we are all guilty of plagiarism. Should the American people elect someone who in her desperation accuses another person wrongfully? I hope that the American people are wise enough to see the difference between an Obama and a Clinton.

"Senator Obama's campaign is largely premised on the strength of his rhetoric and his promises, because he doesn't have a long record in public life. When the origin of his oratory is called into question, it raises questions about his overall candidacy," Howard Wolfson, Mrs Clinton's chief spokesman, said.

So since when did quoting someone or believing in someones speech become as bad as that? Well since Clinton become so upset of her simultaneous loses.>/span>