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Saving Pets One Blog at A Time

Surfing other blogs is truly amazing and I do it in search for a news that would really fit to be featured here. Well I did find one within Entrecard and it is a site where the main purpose is giving hope... this blog is called "Saving Lives One At A Time."

Saving Lives, One At A Time features the profiles of death row dogs and cats as well as unique information regarding rescue and adoption of shelter pets.

In this blog you can find cute pictures of cats and dogs as well as access to your nearest shelter wherein an adoption is ready. Dogs and cats are both very lovable and loyal pets and they deserve good masters as well.

No wonder the site owner for sure is a certified animal rights advocate and a protector of both cats and dogs.

This is one great site animal lovers should see. So visit and see it for yourself.


Jen said...

Thank you SO MUCH for reviewing my blog! I am really honored that you took the time to blog about it! It's always nice to meet other pet-loving bloggers :)


Shen said...

Your welcome... it is an honor to review your blog :)