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Open Primaries Shows Democrats are Ahead in November US Polls

According to Techfun, "Open primaries are the best indication we have currently for how voters who are not corralled into voting for a specific party’s candidates are feeling about the election." It is also perhaps an indication of what's coming in November.

Let's see how Techfun tabulates the past open primaries in Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Minnesota, New Hampshire, North Dakota, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia.

Wikipedia defines an open primary as, a primary election in which voters, "are not required to publicly choose one party or the other. Rather, they enter the voting booth and choose the party ballot on which they will vote in secret." Hence, one does not need to be a member of a particular political party in order to vote in that party's primary. In particular, a registered voter of one party can vote in the primary of another party. However, one can vote in only one primary. For example, the Virginia Open Primary Law states that “[a]ll persons qualified to vote…may vote at the primary. No person shall vote for the candidates of more than one party.”

Techfun concludes that...

Seeing the results in these open primaries makes it very clear that the Republicans running for president are in pretty sorry shape this year. Not a single one of these "red states" turned out more people interested in electing another Republican than a Democrat. I know a lot can change between now and November, but when out over three out of five voters from conservative strongholds like Alabama, North Dakota, and Virginia choose to cast their vote for a Democrat over a Republican I have to believe that more people are paying attention to what is happening to our government than many people realize.
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