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Jesus' Lost Tomb Had Been Found!

... or much appropriately that's what the documentary from Discovery Channel aired on March 4, 2007 in the documentary "The Lost Tomb of Jesus," produced by Oscar-winning director James Cameron. It argues that 10 small caskets, called ossuaries, discovered in 1980 in a Jerusalem suburb may have held the bones of Jesus and his family.

Based on the ossuaries or literally means caskets found, the tomb belongs to the family of Jesus since it contains caskets of members of the family like Mary, James and Jesus and odd ossuaries said to belong to Mary Magdalene and Judah. Judah's casket was inscribed as "Judah, Son of Jesus".

The claim that Mary Magdalene and Jesus had been married had been the subject of debates and had also been a topic of the movie "The Da Vinci Code". However, it seems that this finding tells that Judah died early in his life which could have prevented the lineage of Jesus to continue to this present day.

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