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Invitation to Participate in Essay Contest: Delegation Selection for United Nation Commission of Sustainable Development

ECO Singapore & UNYAS will be sending an official team for the coming United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development (CSD) -16 at Manhattan, New York from 5th – 16th May 2008.

Interested youth, aged 17 to 25, are invited to write an original essay based on the topics given as the first phase of the selection process. Two selected candidates will each receive up to 85% subsidies for their air fare and accommodations.

Please kindly forward this opportunity to your friends/family that might be interested.

Below are the details


Essay Submission Deadline: March 7th, 2008

Essay must be submitted online at

Late submission will not be entertained.

Essay Topic

Choose one of the following topics. Your essay should contain specific examples or case studies from Asian countries (except Question 5).

Length of essay:
Approximately 2000 words.

1. Sustainable Agriculture
Discuss three to four practices on how farmland is currently being used in a specific community. Subsequently, suggest how these practices can be carried out in a more sustainable manner.

2. Rural Development
Elaborate some trade policies of the local government and examine their impacts on the agricultural sector.

3. Land
Discuss the current measures taken to prevent land degradation as well as current rehabilitation programmes. How have these benefited the people and how sustainable are they?

4. Drought
Discuss ways on how water can be made more equitable and affordable.

5. Africa
Choose one issue from the list below. Illustrate the current scenario of Africa related to the chosen issue and suggest measures to tackle the relevant problems regarding the issue:

(a) Poverty reduction
(b) Health Priorities (e.g. HIV/AIDS, malaria)
(c) Global/ Regional market development

Format for the Essay

1. Your paper should be written based on relevant research literature and findings.
2. Your paper should be type-written, double spaced, font size 12 with word count at the end of essay.
3. All references should be cited accordingly in your essay and listed in the reference page as well.
4. Please follow the format stipulated by the American Psychological Association and the information can be found at
5. All essays should display both originality and effective writing.
6. Essays that are plagiarized will automatically be disqualified.

Selection Process

Phase 1 (Essay):
Participants will submit an essay entry on the above stated topics.

- Writing Skills
- Understanding(issues) skills
- Reading Skills

Phase 2 (Workshops):
Fifty selected participants will go through a series of workshops (for 4 weekends) on the thematic issues of CSD-16.

- Communications Skills
- Networking Skills
- Leadership Skills
- Self Motivation Skills

Rules and Regulations

1. This contest is open to all youth (aged 17 to 25 as of 5th May 2008).
2. Participants can submit as many essay entries as they wish.
3. Each entry must include full particulars of the participant: (name, IC number, age, address, school/ institute, contact number, email address).
4. The organizer reserves the right to reproduce and/or use the submissions in any form they deem fit.
5. Judge’s final decision is final. Entries not conforming to contest rules will be disqualified.
6. Applicable to Singaporeans/PR only.

Source: Wilson Ang, Eco Singapore

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