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Whirlpool Plug-and-Play Refrigerator Has Docks for iPod, Photo Frames and Tablet Computers

Whirlpool's latest tech for their refrigerator line is based on their "centralpark" feature, which is a essentially dock that lets you plug in a bunch of different gadgets into the big gadget that holds your food. Among the things that you can dock are the Brandmotion iPod Speaker system, which withstands "the frequent opening and closing of the freezer door" without dropping your iPod onto the ground.

Other interesting dockables are the Clio Vu tablet computer with Wi-Fi and the Quartet Qnote Message Center so you can dry-erase messages to each other and read the time on the digital clock (plus store stuff in its storage drawer). Apparently lots of people spend time computing and iPodding it in the kitchen (we only go there when we want to eat), so Whirlpool wants to eliminate clutter by allowing you to store stuff via their fridges. Interesting take. (Source: GIZMODO)