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CD Release Party for Shortwave on January 19th

CD Release Party for Shortwave is on Saturday, January 19th at the El Mocambo in Toronto. Witness a great show, kick ass music...and you get to take home the new CD with you!

Shortwave recently finished their self titled sophomore record with Grammy awarded producer Malcolm Burn.

"The songs are about eating oranges in the shower." That's what you get when you ask shortwave's lead singer and songwriter Ryan Johnson what his songs are about. Not fond of playing the song interpretation game, Ryan enjoys fictionalizing his fiction. The songs are about everything and nothing at all. "I never know when a song will pop up. Sometimes I'm in the middle of a meltdown and other times I'm just buttering my bagel for breakfast."

Truth be told, the scope is wide. Song inspirations range from Sid Vicious' hard nose tragic life to Sylvia Plath's claustrophobic Bell Jar to being kicked out of a Wilco concert to domestic bliss and the cathartic process of washing dishes while looking out the window.

Ryan is the songwriter, and the band pieces them together, layer by layer, frequency to frequency, to a sound uniquely shortwave.

Shortwave is lead by Ryan, who sings and trades guitar duty with his big brother Sager. They've known drummer, Devin, since forming their first band in 4th grade. Pianist, organist and back up singer Cary Parker, and bassist Nic Oliverio round out the sound.

Shortwave has been building a reputation for intense and electrifying live shows. Regulars at Toronto's Mod Club, The El Mo, & The Horseshoe Tavern and favorites on the university circuit, the band's pulse-driving, spirit-lifting performances leave no one wanting. shortwave's dedication to music is palpable, honest, and pure. The songs are refreshing, strikingly familiar and infectious, all at once. Seems like a lot to ask of a song, but shortwave delivers.