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Myspace Removes Music Downloads and Links

Myspace, one of the top social networking which is multi featured and enables the user to create blogs, upload photos, videos and musics have recently decided on a major move... to disable music downloads.

Myspace had decided perhaps out of the recent increase in anti-piracy campaign to finally disable their music downloads and avoid court sanctions against their site.

The site is currently enjoying No. 6 ranking in Alexa and probably the top ranking among its competitor sites hence any sanction against it would greatly dwindle its popularity and will mean loss of revenue for its maintainers.

However, it is widely known that Myspace is primarily used for uploading and downloading music and for this reason the same action of disabling this feature can virtually have the same effect as users shift to other website to continue the web trend of P2P (Peer to Peer Sharing).

It is clear however that the campaign against internet piracy is gaining grounds in favor of the software owners.