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Have You Ever Wondered What Happens to Your Cellphone After Discarding It?

Millions of people are using electronic gadgets most specially the Mobile Phone or popularly known as the cellular phone. The technology of these gadgets are improving by the day and each day thousand of people buys a new unit and discards their old mobile phones.

Most of the mobile phone units thrown away are still usable but they are "seen" as obsolete not in use perhaps but most frequently in style. These phones are no longer "in style", they are no longer hip and thus are out of fashion.

Most consumers buy these gadgets not for its simple and logical use but because it adds to their style and to their fashion or wealth statement. But have we wandered what happens to a cellular phone? Have we cared how these phones will affect our environment?

Common consumers will not care as long as they have the pleasure of using their latest Nokia, Erickson, Samsung or other new model of mobile phones. They are so busy surfing the internet through 3G, listening to MP3, watching videos and more.

Here is an eye-opening article from the New York Times which might open and widen your horizon. Check out "The Afterlife of Cellphones"