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Speak Out, Stand Out and Act Against Poverty, Inequality and Illegitimate Debt!

October 16-17 had been declared as World Poverty and Hunger Eradication Day. On these days consciousness is being raised to people around the world to stand up, speak out and more importantly do something to combat extreme poverty, inequality and in countries like the Philippines illegitimate debts. On that day in 1987, people around the world came together to commemorate the signing of the International Declaration of Human Rights and to affirm that extreme poverty is one of the world violations of these rights.

In 2006, Global Call to Action Against Poverty (GCAP) adopted October 17th as a White Band Day and 23.5 million people in 87 countries joined the call Stand Up Against Poverty in the largest coordinated mobilization of people in the history of the Guinness World Records.

This October 17 at the Quezon Memorial Circle in Quezon City and at the Pelaez Sports Center in Cagayan de Oro City in the Philippines together with other countries around the world, people will again make a stand that this is the generation in which extreme poverty and hunger should end. That there should be NO EXCUSES BY 2015! (Click here to view event program)

Read on to know more about the activities set for this day...

These all in the name of trying to fulfill the first Millennium Development Goal - Eradicate Extreme Poverty. Poverty is the root cause of many things. It is the root cause of crime, unrest, war, sickness, discrimination and many more. Nelson Mendela once said, ""Like slavery and apartheid, poverty is not natural. It is man-made and it can be overcome and eradicated by the actions of human beings."
  • Guinness Record: 24 hours of mobilization around the world. Check out Stand Against Poverty website.
  • Poverty Requiem: An initiative for choirs and singers led by Oxfam Novib. Choirs in dozens of countries will perform this specially written song on October 17. Check out the Poverty Requiem website.
  • Banners against Poverty: An initiative started by school students in Australia. The Australian GCAP coalition and others will be producing banners which will come together on October 17 to create a highly visual image of the fight against poverty and inequality. Check out the Banners Against Poverty website. See the Photo Gallery
  • International Women’s Tribunals on Poverty: an initiative from the GCAP Feminist Task Force. With 70% of the world’s poor being women, the Tribunals will serve to inform and present testimony on the conditions of women worldwide. More...
  • Delegations to Political Decision Makers: National coalitions will nominate small delegations to visit their heads of state or other political leaders on 17 October. These delegations will speak out and will be supported through the media and by the people. More...
  • Sign the call to action to end extreme poverty: ATD Fourth-World is promoting a global petition to end extreme poverty. Sign up the call which will be handled to policy makers on October 17. More...
  • White Bands: We will once again mobilise people around the symbol of the White Band. Coalitions are encouraged to produce white bands for people to wear on October 17 and to use this symbol in innovative ways on websites and buildings, with ambassadors and celebrities, and during rallies and stunts.