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Olive Riley is World's Oldest Blogger at 108

It is proven that blogging is for people of all ages, Olive Riley who celebrates her 108th birthday is currenty the world's oldest blogger. Mrs. Riley posts in the blog thru a friend, Mike. Mike would ask her questions about life and various things which is intended for posting at her blog entitled, The Life of Riley.

There are other bloggers who are still blogging that are past the age of 80. Another blogger who runs "Bible Bus Limericks" is 81 years old.

Mrs Riley was born in 1899 in Broken Hill when Australia as a federation did not exist and NSW was still a British colony ruled by Queen Victoria.

She survived two World Wars and the Great Depression, witnessed the opening of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, raised three children and worked any number of weird and wonderful jobs, including as an egg sorter and a station cook in western Queensland.

"I've got no ideas about computers, no idea at all," she said.

"But Mike and that other man do and I tell them my stories and they put them on the computer.

"It's a bit of fun, although I do get a bit tired sometimes."

She is stunned by the number of people who read her blog but is thrilled by the "thousands of new friends from all over the world" that she has made.

"I thought I might have a few (readers) but I didn't think I'd have so many - but they all seem to be so happy about it," she said.

"Mike asked me for little things that I remember, and I know that the people will like them because they're not rude or stupid or anything.

"I'm sure they do enjoy them because of the replies I get. I get some real good replies. I've made a lot of friends by doing the blogs - thousands."

Mrs Riley, who will turn 108 in October, would have to be the world's oldest YouTuber as well.

She is the star of the YouTube film Olive Riley Returns to Broken Hill.

It's a short film made up of clips taken from a one-hour documentary on her called All About Olive which aired on ABC television last year.

It is indeed interesting to see that the internet is not only for the new generation but people of different generations are also using it and converging on the world wide web. Blogging had been an easy tool for people to share their thoughts, stories and every bit of information to everyone. We should be glad that these blogs are for free.

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