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Who Really Owns SMARTMATIC? Truth or Fiction?

A video has been posted in YouTube about the ASI phone interview of Loida Nicolas Lewis from New York.

Loida Nicolas Lewis claims that the real owner of SMARTMATIC is not Venezuelan based but has links to First Gentleman Mike Arroyo.

She also claims that the SMARTMATIC PCOS machines has 3 source codes inside it and only 1 has been investigated by the Department of Science and Industry thus, she said they can only certify for one and not for the rest of the source codes.

Here is the interview by Robert Posada on Loida Nicolas Lewis about her Open Letter...

Meanwhile here is Loida Nicolas Lewis about her Open Letter to the House of Representatives and the Senate of the Philippines:

Re: SMARTMATIC (MAY 10 Philippine Elections)

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eric2010 said...

Modern technology is in fact better to each of us, I suggest that PICOS machines are created like atm machine features easy to use and realible the PICOS. The owner? It is hard to say that's part of magic.

Pweh said...

I find it very amusing how people can get far off topic when it comes to controversies. Eric, the issue here is about the possibility of elections being manipulated on the back end. Not an opportunity for you to campaign about your religious conviction to technological innovations and its inventors.