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Nick Perlas Lakbay Maharlika starts in Lucban

A Spiritual Journey towards an awakened Philippines

Independent Presidential candidate Nicanor Perlas and his supporters and volunters will undertake the historical Lakbay Maharlika (Noble Journey) , lakaran or walk for New Politics and a New Philippines from May 5-8,2010. (see the route)

The lakaran, which in ancient pre- colonial Philippines means a walk to elsewhere will symbolize the journey from our fallen nature towards our resurrected nature – the walk of transformation. Nicanor Perlas and his supporters will be tracing the roots of the unfinished Philippine revolution of the spirit.

During this journey, that starts in Sitio Pandac, Lucban,Quezon, Nicanor Perlas and his supporters/voluntee rs will trace the route of the leaders of Philippine history from Apolinario de la Cruz also known as Hermano Pule, who died at the age of 27 to give flesh to his belief that the divine is imperishable and that death can never overcome a life dedicated to the spirit, to Padre Gomes, Burgos and Zamora who also sacrificed their lives at the altar of the spirit because they were longing for a country that truly did justice for our purpose.

The deaths of Gomburza triggered the the flaming of Rizal who wrote El Filibusterismo that depicted the massive systemic oppression of Filipinos and the call to rise up and resist evil. Rizal's spirit helped give birth to the Filipino nation. Andres Bonifacio and the Katipunan, heeding the collective call for the spiritualization of the Philippines society laid down their lives to give Filipinos their freedom and sense of a nation.Clearly all these deeds from history of our revolutionary leaders could not have been done without connecting to the divine spirit within themselves.

A replica of the Sto. Nino from the Basilica del Sto. Nino of Cebu will accompany the group. All services will be ecumenical in nature.

At each stop for the townhall meeting there will be a discussion of Perlas' six pillars or agenda.There will be live streaming of messages from Nicanor Perlas every day at 2 P.M. And at 8P.M. ; and hourly live streaming of the lakaran and motorcade, at Nick Perlas for President TV nickperlas

Perlas and his supporters will celebrate a new cultural festival at the end of this journey, because a political revolution today can not happen without a peaceful cultural revolution.

At the cultural “miting de avance”, on May 8 at the Liwasang Bonifacio in Manila, there will be a celebration of the emergence of a new creative vision for a New Philippines and the commitment and passion for new politics in service of the spirit and in service to God. There will be short messages of support throughout the concert, anchored to the lakaran/lakbay rationale and the six pillars. Artistes and musicians will provide a cultural show to be participated in by Joey Ayala, TaPati ,Syalom Band, VIPLAVA an enthnic rock band, word jammers JR Presno and Jacob Rodriguez and many more.
The group will be joined by:

Cebu supporters Eleanor A. Rivera, Fr.Jim Belita CM a Filipino theological scholar from Louvain University ,Mario Gasalatan,Father Tito Soquino,OSA, Danita Jackson of the Maharlika Tribe,Engr. Marlon Sayson of the Maharlika Tribe;

Nilo Gabao from the Manobo tribe of Cagayan de Oro City.Coalition members from Partido Kalikasan the emerging green party in the Philippines represented by Secretary General Roy Cabonegro, the Anti-Trapo Movement of the Philippines, Buklod Political Party, Amang Greg Cabigan of the 1st district of Quezon, Chairman of the Samahang Magdalo of Quezon Province, The Philippine Green Republic Party, and the Agta-Dumagat tribe, Ben Maulana, President of the tranport group Lantauan Organization and Muslims from Brgy. Culiat in Q.C.Also traveling on the historical journey are ten foreign observers who will document the process of New poltics in the Philippines.

Nicanor Perlas’ Message on Lakbay Maharlika:
Our Spiritual Journey Towards an Awakened Philippines

As we advance towards Elections 2010, we know that the challenges we face as a nation are immense. The road ahead is mired by problems that are pervasive, complex and deep-rooted. However, in the end, systems and institutions are governed by people. If people are not moral, systems and institutions, no matter how well structured, will not function. Our task is to light a fire, so we restore our morality as a nation, as a people. And, this will only happen if we connect to the source of our morality: our spiritual nature. If we do not root our structural reforms in this innate spirituality, we will never achieve what we are all longing for.

Lakbay Maharlika is a “lakaran” that calls on all Filipinos to access the source of their highest integrity in choosing the new leaders of this country. Our country is known as one of the most spiritual country in the world. It is our destiny in the world to manifest our spirituality into visible societal action and progress.

The “lakaran”, the “journey on foot”, the “pasyon,” has been a symbol in our history of a pilgrimage or an ascent from our fallen nature towards our resurrected nature. It is a journey towards light and transformation. All spiritual traditions are familiar with the concept of the “lakaran.” The Katipunan called for “paglilinis ng loob” a holy quest of inner purification so that after cleansing, they would be prepared to receive the true light or divine intuition. This is the same light that we have to awaken to, the light that we must come alive to, the light that leads us to choose our leaders, the light that will transform the Philippines towards a radiant victory.

This “lakaran” is the same process embedded in the creation of a pearl. A pearl is formed when the shell is invaded by a parasite. The shell is irritated and creates a nacre, which coats the shell and thus forms the pearl. The pearl is created out of struggle, pain and suffering. Out of a process of purification, a pearl emerges. We are struggling as a people, our country is in pain, and Filipinos are suffering. We must transform our challenges into a new state of being. We are all pearls if we overcome what is dead in us, what is irritating, what is imperfect in us, and transform it into life. If we can collectively do this as a people then we will truly become Perlas ng Silangan.

The Lakbay Maharlika retraces the lakaran of Hermano Pule, who was executed by the Spanish at 27 (in 1841). Hermano Pule preached kaliwanagan (illumination) , katipunan (brotherhood) and lakaran. He died giving flesh to his belief that the divine is imperishable and that death can never overcome a life dedicated to the spirit. His teachings became core to the struggle of the Katipunan and later the Philippine revolution. The Lakbay Maharlika also honors Mariano Gómes José Apolonio Burgos, and Jacinto Zamora, who sacrificed their lives at the altar of the spirit as they longed for a country that truly did justice for its purpose. The martyrdom of Gomez, Burgos and Zamora triggered the flaming of Jose Rizal. Jose Rizal’s spiritual movement depicted the pervasive and deep-seated oppression of Filipinos and the call to arise and overcome evil. The Lakbay Maharlika ends in the Rizal Monument and Liwasang Bonifacio, giving esteem to Bonifacio and the Katipunan who heeded the collective call for spiritualization and lay down their lives to give us our freedom and sense of a nation. These individuals exemplified lives dedicated to true freedom, the pursuit of democracy, justice and a deep connection to highest aspirations and ideals and the divine spirit.

A revolution at this decisive moment in our country’s history cannot happen absent a peaceful and cultural revolution. And we cannot transform our culture absent a spiritual revolution. We undertake this lakaran, a pilgrimage, a pasyon, and a journey of struggle to entreat all Filipinos for transformation. Let us recreate the structures of this country on the basis of our spiritual dignity as human beings and on the deep conviction that what matters are only those done with divine intention.

To culminate Lakbay Maharlika, we will celebrate a cultural festival symbolizing the spirituality that can create society anew. We will celebrate the emergence of new creative vision, one that moves in passion and commitment for a vibrant country. The lakaran would have prepared us for this radiant light, if we have journeyed with a willingness to sacrifice our own petty needs and desires in service of the nation, in service of the spirit and in service to God. This is the meaning of this election. This is the meaning of our journey as a country. It is a spiritual journey to awaken the highest and the infinite in us and enable that light to reign over things that perish and are temporary. This is our struggle and yet, this is our hope. This is our task. This is our meaning. This is our destiny as a nation.

Mabuhay ang Maharlika!

Below is the itinerary of the Lakbay Maharlika

Tues., 04 May 8:00pm Pull out for Lucban from Perlas HQ at Unit 4 Merchant Sq.Bldg. 1386 E. Rodriguez Sr.Ave.cor.Mabolo, Cubao
Overnight stay at Lucban

Weds., 05 May 6:00am Sitio Pandac, Lucban, Statue of Hermano Puli
Opening program
10:00am Bgy. May-it, Lucban, Basketball Court
Townhall meeting with farmers
12:00pm Lunch
3:00pm Bgy. May-it to Tayabas Town Plaza
5:00pm Proceed to NIGHT STOP in Lucban

Thurs., 06 May 6:00am Bgy. Alitao, Lucban, Statue of Hermano Puli
10:00am Elementary School Townhall meeting with rural poor
12:00pm Lunch
3:00pm Tayabas-Sariaya Town Proper
7:00pm Proceed to NIGHT STOP in Candelaria or Tiaong

Fri., 07 May 6:00am Tiaong-San Pablo Sampaloc Lake
10:00am Motorcade to San Pablo-Nagcarlan, Nagcarlan to Calaun
12:00pm Lunch
Townhall meeting with resettlers
3:00pm Caluan-Bae-Los Banos Town Proper
7:00pm Proceed to NIGHT STOP at Trees, UPLB

Sat., 08 May 6:00am Los Banos-Calamba Rizal Shrine

Nicanor Perlas will talk on the spirit of Jose Rizal and the New Philippines
10:00am Motorcade Calamba-Sta. Rosa-Cabayao- Binan-San Pedro-Muntinlupa
12:00pm Lunch

Townhall meeting with prisoners or fisherfolks
3:00pm Motorcade Muntinlupa-Manila
5:00pm Luneta Roxas Blvd. Rizal Monument ( flower offering )-Liwasang Bonifacio
6:00pm CULTURAL FESTIVAL, Liwasang Blvd.

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