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Senator Ping Lacson to Be Arrested

After testimonials from witnesses point to a seemingly major participation of Senator Ping Lacson on the Dacer-Corbito Double Murder case he might soon be arrested.

The Department of Justice had just filed two murder charges against Sen. Lacson for his involvement in the double murder case. It was filed by a DOJ panel lead by Senor State Prosecutor Peter Ong at the Manila RTC.

Part of the decision was based on the affidavit submitted by former police officer Cezar Mancao. Mancao was a member of the defunct Presidential Anti-Organized Crime Task Force, headed by Lacson while also serving as chief of the Philippine National Police (PNP) in 2000.

The judge has now 10 days to review the records whether to issue the arrest. The filing was made Thursday, January 7, 2009.

Source: ABS-CBN News

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Anonymous said...

It's high time that this 10 year old double murder case should be put to justice. Lacson should defend himself in court if he really is innocent. Hiding would imply guilt on his part. He should not make any excuses about being harassed by the government. It's not about politics, it is about the lives of the murdered victims. Please Mr. Lacson' s time you should show yourself to the public and convince the people that you are really not a culprit to this decade-old crime. Your hiding will just create and add up suspicion towards the public. Defend yourself...