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Nigeria's Constitution in Serious Attack, Country Still in Same State for 39 years.

An article written by S. I. Azuama entitled, "Nigeria: Stop This Circus Show With Our Constitution" reveals the sad state of Nigeria which had persisted for more than 39 years.

The vast richness of the country was never utilized to uplift its people but instead was used to enrich politicians and perpetuate them in power.

Now that the current Nigerian president, Umar Musa Yar’Adu is in serious sickness and is deemed incapacitated the provision of their Constituion regarding succession is in constant debate.

It was rumored that there were pressure for Vice President Goodluck Jonathan to resign so that the Senate President, Sen. David Mark of the People's Democratic Party from the North would take office and would finally hold power.

In a country engulfed in poverty and injustice would it finally see the light in case someone would finally be in place that will genuinely serves the interest of the country.

Read S.I. Azuama's Nigeria: Stop This Circus Show With Our Constitution.

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