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Noynoy Aquino Political Ad "Hindi Ka Nag-iisa" Backfires?

The first ever infomercial cum political ad of Sen. Noynoy Aquino, "Hindi Ka Nag-iisa" shown on television, October 30 seems to have more of a negative effect than a positive effect.  Initial reaction shows disappointment and questions on the necessity of the advertisement.  One Facebook user says that Noynoy being the leader in all presidential polls does not need this, not at this time.
"I was shocked to see that Noynoy Aquino had joined the domain of traditional politicians with his artista-packed infommercial on TV this evening. I cringed while watching it. He's already leading in surveys. That obviously was not necessary. Minus points in my book."

One observer says.  The blog, 2010 Presidentiables noted that this ad also made advertising history.  It is the first ever tv advertisement with the most number of celebrity endorsers.   Good or bad for Noynoy?  We don't know.

Another one who watched the ad said,
"I too was unhappy with the pandering to celebrities to get votes and the music is the standard uplift stuff. Noynoy does not come off well in this ad. All very plastique. He needs to be talking serious matters."
With all honesty the ad lacks a strong message on what Noynoy represents. The ads of Manny Villar and Mar Roxas, even Erap Estrada was clearer on that. This ad of Noynoy is very scripted and clearly an attempt to say that he too has the capacity to show ads... or was he threatened by Senator Escudero's sudden rise in popularity?

This view seem to have been the view of quite a number of people as well, just recently in the article entitled, "Not Another Yellow Solidarity of the Bourgeoisie," the main assessment was it lacks substance and real message.  It was as many said, "shock and awe" approach.

The article further says,
Perhaps, no platform is needed. The video artfully shows us that personality and patronage politics will gloss over the real issues, that the torches will shed light onto actors’ beautiful faces but leave in the darkness real issues like agrarian reform and human rights. That even in the broad bourgeoisie solidarity, not everyone is on equal footing. Someone’s torch burns higher and brighter, someone stands higher than everyone else, someone will be at the center—or at least, someone can afford to, not just financially, but in terms of social capital as well.
As far as I know, Perlas has the most comprehensive political platform among all the candidates. These platforms contains the much needed reforms our country needs. You can download his complete platform by CLICKING HERE or visiting

For sure Noynoy can no longer claim that he advocates new politics... not after he joins them in the traditional politicians sea.

Would we just say that this is the situation of politics in our country? As what another Facebook user says in his comment to this ad:

ugh! puhleez! words fail me seeing this garbage of a campaign vid! we pinoys are digging our own graves, period. politics here is like a perfectly designed entree by high maintenance moronic chefs, meticulously cooked in satan's kitchen and finally served to all of us on national TV as daily fix! can we be a bigger embarrassment to the world, please? darn!

I hope that we seek not only winnability because we the voters gives the winnability and not the candidates... whoever we support will surely win.

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maxx said...

I am sick of seeing a political ad with tv personalities and artists, like these people KNOW how to act. Imo, Noynoy is a weak candidate. This tv ad proves it. It is very traditional, it is a circus. Why can't we change the way we deal with campaigns? Why can't there be debates every week, and let the one with the most promising platform and credentials win? I am not leaning towards any candidate for now, but I will definitely not vote for Noynoy. I had hopes he would not be in the shadows of his dad, his mom and most especially his annoying sister Kris.

Shen said...

The campaign is changing... let us help in building new politics... I for one had decided not to vote for 2010 but upon knowing Nicanor "Nick" Perlas I decided to have faith and hope again... and eventually decided to support him.

He has a platform and his campaign is based on a better future for the country... check it out

madgenet said...

i am still looking for answer why Noynoy was chosen. I have not found any answer so far. was it because he is the son of Ninoy and Cory? Or was it because of he is the brother of Kris? He has been working for the government and will someone tell me please any outstanding achievement that he has accomplished out of what is expected from a public servant? i may cast my vote for him if there is something worth knowing to change my line of thought for now. I would rather vote for Kris, at least you can see leadership in Kris and conviction to always make a stand for whatever she believes in. Ganda naman ng ads eh, showbiz na showbiz so will take it as it is!

Shen said...

I agree with you on that. The ad is beautiful and it delivers a shock and awe feeling in all of us.

For me I have decided to support Nick Perlas because he listens, he has done public service including service to the grassroots for 40 years, he had made the impossible and he has a platform.

I am not pushing others to support him but only saying that it is worth taking consideration to know him and perhaps support him as well.

maxx said...

@Shen - I'll definitely look into Perlas. I'm looking into Teodoro also, I don't mind if he's the administration's candidate, if he has a good platform, good moral character, or good track, it's all good. Besides, I have Arroyo to applaud for during the great recession in the US, AT LEAST the Philippines wasn't that gravely affected - at least!

nicholas dee said...

i respect those who support nicanor perlas and jc de vera; even brother eddie villanueva. but pls think hard and accept the responsibility IF because of the votes you shall have taken from progressive forces VILLAR OR TEODORO will win instead of NOYNOY. then, perlas or de vera or brother eddie shall have become the philippines' version of RALPH NADER in relation to AL GORE wherein GEORGE W. BUSH won because NADER took away progressive votes from GORE. think and pray hard.

Serafin Arviola said...

1. We see the handiwork of God in his candidacy --Ninoy died for the country and his widow became president after people power. After battling cancer, Cory went home to the Lord which ushered in an unprecedented showing of support and love for a former president. This showing of support miraculously bankrolled into a people's call for Noynoy to run for president even if he had no plans of doing so. These events could only be orchestrated by a sovereign God who has compassion over nations shackled by the blight and darkness of arrogant and shameless corruption.
2. He inspires hope -- Prior to Noynoy's candidacy, we were resigned to our fate of just choosing the utopian lesser evil among traditional, same old, eager beaver presidentiables. None of them inspires hope. But all that changed when Noynoy responded to that God-given calling in his life to serve the Filipino people whom his father died for . Tears of hope from the hearts and eyes of ordinary Filipinos flowed when he declared his candidacy.
3. He is honest -- Ballsy Aquino Cruz, Noynoy's sister declared on national media that she is willing to be shot if anybody could present evidence that her brother is a thief. This sincerity is unparalleled even among the closest family and relatives of the other presidentiables. None of the other presidentiables' sisters or brothers would like to end up dead. Noynoy was reared in an environment of honesty as exemplified by the lives of his parents. Indeed, an apple doesn't fall far from the tree.
4. He has strength of character -- We don't need a president who will hang a shingle in Malacanang that reads, " Business as Usual". He is the only candidate that we believe when he says he will clean house because he is clean.
5. He is humble and not in love with power -- Everything about him is not contrived. Ordinary people like us could see through spin doctor- managed acting among public officials and candidates. But we see in Noynoy the sincere simplicity of a simple man, who although pedigreed, is not self-centered, power and recognition hungry.
6. He alone could mobilize people power -- No other presidentiable could ask the Filipino people to bankroll his campaign and credibly call for volunteers. In this country where the norm is patronage politics and presidentiables spend billions just to win an election, Noynoy is the only presidential candidate as of press time who is being swamped by a snowballing groundswell volunteer support from unknown, ordinary Filipinos from Luzon to Visayas without any budget. Noynoy is the anti-thesis of patronage politics because he could ask for volunteers to spend time and resources to campaign for him.
7. He is the good in this fight between good and evil -- No other opposition candidate had earned the most vicious attacks from Malacanang and the other political parties who are fielding candidates in the presidential race than Noynoy.

David D'Angelo said...

Perlas is not Nader for he has a real and achievable platform which is needed in our country today. He calls on people to unite and build something rather than just prevent someone from winning. In every election people unite to prevent something from happening but seldom do we unite to build something.

Perlas is for Sustainable Development... he is for peace in Mindanao... he wants to eradicate poverty... all that not only by words but there are means to do it.

Siya lang ang nagsabi na kailangang bigyan ng halaga ang galing ng mga Filipino and fund Science and Technology as well as mainstream multiple intelligence education.

Would we just vote because we perceived that the candidate is winnable or should we vote by means of carefully scrutinizing the platforms and motives of every candidate.

I have nothing against Noynoy but it would be hard to expect something from someone who might be forced to run and is unwilling inside to lead than someone who is willing to serve and empower our people.

Tapos pag hindi nagawa ang mga gusto nating mangyayari magwewelga din tayo laban sa presidente at sisisihin natin siya samantalang tayo ang may gusto sa kanya... ang tunay na solusyon ay TAYONG LAHAT.

I am for Nicky not because he is popular but because he has a platform and because I want this country to be better. Sawa na ako sa pangako ng mga pulitiko.

David D'Angelo said...

I do not want to go in a battle and smirk mud into Noynoy Aquino because this is not the issue. We believe as we want to believe. Anybody can claim that his candidacy is the handiwork of God and am sure anyone can also claim that he is honest and is good. Noynoy Aquino is for sure a person who has the desire to serve our country, he does not want any bad happening to this country. What I am afraid are the people around him and those from the same party he is in. There people are part of the oligarchy and the same system that have kept our country into what we are now. We are hearing the same rhetoric and then in the end nothing will happen.

We need to decide based on what we want for our country and based on what the candidates truly can do and in fact has already done. We should not decide alone based on our emotions or on what is the current "in" think or what is "popular"

We need a person that not only inspires hope but can make our hope turn into reality. We want someone who not only makes outstanding speeches but also has plan on actually doing that and has the background which says he can indeed do that.

For sure Eddie Villanueva and J.C. de Vera including Nicky are also good people and are not part of the evil traditional political system that we are in... so am sure Noy has no monopoly of that.

Wanting to become President means in your heart you wanted to really serve and I think it is the best sign of a true leader. Wanting to become president does not mean you are in love with power... you are only in love with power when you refuse to listen to people and you refuse to step down when your term ends.

Someone who is forced to become president and internally is unsure and unprepared is more troubling because of the absence of clear paths to take. Our next president should let us know the path that he will be leading us.

Nakakasawa na ang mga grand statements kaya sana naman ay sagutin ang tanong na ano ba ang plano ninyo para sa ating bansa? Ano ba ang daan na ating tatahakin at ano ba ang ating bubuuin.

I am not saying that Perlas is the best candidate for this depends on one's perspective but if there is one presidential candidate who advocates and even practices sustainable development and also includes the Millenium Development Goals (MDGs) in its platform and its governance it is Perlas.

If there is one candidate who will genuinely address the problem in Mindanao, it is Nick Perlas and PANGMASA.

The Aquino's have no monopoly of good service to this country. Hindi lang sila ang may kakayahan. Gaya rin ng iba pang kandidato kasama na si Nick Perlas. Lahat ay may kanya-kanyang kakayanan at daan na nais pagdalhan sa ating bansa.

Ito ang kritikal na dapat nating alamin sapagkat ito ang tunay na magpapaangat o magpapabagsak sa ating bansa.

Salamat po sa inyong pagbabasa at pagbisita sa Newz Around Us!

jeezyoustink said...

Serfin Arviola,

You're an idiot, dude.

If you watched "This is it" you'll see that Michael Jackson was someone who really know what he was doing and was totally hands on. He basically directed his show and the other guys "directing" were actually just there to assist him. But he ran his show. He wasn't PROPPED UP by some music execs wanting a nice face to show the audience like how MILLI VANILLI turned out to be.

Well, that's what NOYNOY will be. MILLI VANILLI. He's a no-talent "star" that's just being propped up, but there's no substance backing it up, just pure vested interests wanting to deceive a stupid and gullible electorate.

I'm not part of that stupid faction, but all those Noynoy supporters out there are shits if you can't even demand that your idol Noynoy come up with a decent campaign. Ako sa inyo, you people should sign a petition to tell Noynoy to spend 2 weeks in intensive study and tutorial on the issues affecting the country and come up with a platform para naman di siya ikahihiya ninyo.

Actually obvious naman na nahihiya kayo na walang maipakitang plataporma si Noynoy eh kaya puro kayo gawa ng excuse about good and evil.

Tanga. It's about competent versus incompetent. Successful in running the country versus unsuccessful.

good and evil kayo dyan sino kayo? God?

Kahit nga si Cory di nagawa ang "good" for the country and for the Luisita farmers eh. Si Noynoy na super obobs pa kaya?

He can't even run his own clan or even run his own campaign without his relatives telling him what to do. Talagang inutil at incompetent.

Bulol pa magsalita.


He's really the rich man's Erap.

He and Erap form the Milli Vanilli tandem of politics.

Pareho silang nangangailangan ng ghost-singers!

Noynoy is just going to lip-sync his way through, while his ghost-singer relatives and backers representing the olicharchic vested interests sing the songs they want, not the songs that the CITIZENRY NEED.

Yan si Noynoy. Maglilip-sync lang yan. And know what? He can't even lip-sync well...

At least the Milli Vanilli empty acts not only "looked good and danced well", they also lip-synced well enough to have us all fooled.

But Noynoy? Dun pa lang palpak na eh!

He's just going to make the Philippines into a huge garbage dump.

Watch This is It you idiots. Michael Jackson may have been a pop star, but he really knew the NUTS AND BOLTS of his songs' notes, beats, rhythms, backdrops, dancemoves, etc. He knew all the minute details he wanted the audience to experience. He really was in control.

Noynoy = Milli Vanilli na di marunong maglip-sync!

Noynoy Supporters = Bobo, Tanga, Gago, Engot, Walang Utak

David D'Angelo said...

I think this is not the way to react on the supporters of Noynoy. Karapatan nilang suportahan ang gusto nila. Ang dapat lang maging isyu ano ba ang bukas na guston nating patunguhan at sino ang magdadala sa atin dun na kasama tayong dadalhin at pakikinggan tayo.

Ako aminin ko I am not a supporter of Noynoy but he and his followers deserve respect for it is their right. Hiling ko lang na sana bumoto ng tama ang mamamayang Filipino sapagkat sa totoo lang nakakasawa na eh... sila-sila rin lang ang nananalo.

Iba naman... tama na sa mga taong ito wala namang nararating ang ating bayan. Ipakita ng lahat ng kandidato sa tao kung ano nga ba ang plataporma nila. Yes to new politics! said...

i guess this completes noynoy's campaign. first he went on retreat to seek discernment from heaven. now he is letting the "stars" lead the way.

noynoy's supporters please wake up. wala pa kayong basehan para itodo ang suporta kay noynoy. the least you could do is demand that your candidate support his campaign with a strong platform (not motherhood statements ok) and truly show us why he should be our president.

eriel said...

dont be carried away by the emotional campaigns, be critical.