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Blogging Market In Saturation Period says Latest Blogging Survey Results

Written By David D'Angelo on Sunday, October 18, 2009 | 10/18/2009

The latest Blogging Survey conducted by Videojug reveals that the blogging market is now in saturation. Aside from that it also revealed a lot of interesting facts and results. A whooping 54.7% of bloggers had their blog for over 2 years with just 11% who have their blogs only for under a year. Another interesting result is the revalation that of all the blogs, a huge 55% don't have any advertisements in their blog.

Here is the summary of the latest blogging survey...

Below are a few of the popular questions that were posed in the survey, briefly summarised for quick reference.

Blogging Market In Saturation Period:
54.7% of bloggers have had their blog for over 2 years. Only 11% have held their blog for under a year.

Blogging Remains Personal and Non-Commercial:
73.6% of bloggers run their blogs for personal or non-commercial reasons whereas 4.7% ran it as a corporate entity.

Bloggers Love Leisure, Food & Drink and Education:
Leisure and Hobbies (29.2%), Food and Drink (17.8%) and Education 17.9%) are the most common blog category subjects.

Top Five Reasons For Starting A Blog:
Most people start their blog to either showcase their talent, to educate and help others, as a hobby, for corporate reasons, or purely for the monetary benefit.

Personalised Communication Still The Answer:
Personalised communication is still the best method of communication with 19.7% of bloggers saying they would respond. Non-personalised communication is very unlikely to get a response, even targeted mail-merges.

Bloggers Don’t Enjoy Press Releases:
Recommendations and press releases only consist of 3% of content that bloggers choose to feature. The majority (65.4%) still blog about their personal choice.

Blogs: No Cost, No Profit:
70% of bloggers spend less than $50 running their blog, however a massive 55% don’t have any advertising on their blog.

Google AdSense Still Prevails Among The Blogging Community:
The most popular form of revenue on a blog is Google AdSense (29.6%), followed by Sponsored blog Posts (6.5%), and product sales.

Sponsored Blog Posts Are Hugely Popular:
The majority (56.5%) stated they would accept payment for a blog entry with the minimum payment ranging from $2 to $1000 per post.

Blogging Business Is Profitable:
There is still potential to earn profits from blogging as 3% of bloggers still earn over $10K on an annual basis.

Video Content Still At Maturity Stage:
57.3% currently feature video content, with another 35% saying they didn’t understand the concept of video and blogging.

User-Generated Video: A Growth Market:
12% of bloggers stated that they would produce their own video content, and 59.2% said they would consider making contextual relevant videos.

Instructional (how to) Video Content:
A Perfect Match: Instructional (how to) content was the most popular (39%) form of video content that bloggers would consider.

Text Still More Powerful Than Video:
Bloggers believe that a text article is a more powerful way to communicate with their audience than video content.

Video Content As An Additional Revenue Model:
Video content as an additional revenue model was still an immature market with many bloggers unsure on how to achieve this.


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