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Entrecard and Those Which Just Use it to Advertise ... SHAME ON YOU!

In every system there are those which will definitely abuse the system and just use it for personal reason. Every time that I drop my card on other entrecard members it gives me a sense of knowledge and feeling knowing that there are lots and lots of great bloggers out there. However, what bothers me are those which only uses Entrecard to advertise. They do drop cards but you can't drop on them and you can't advertise on them and for me that was unfair and I took it upon myself to get a note on them because for me they are the SHAME of Entrecard.

I respect the right of Entrecard members to reject advertisements on their blog but I think it is a shame not to display the Entrecard widget on a member's blog. Why would you sign up in the first place if in return you will not even be a proud part of the community.

Entrecard provides great opportunity for everyone.. for their blog to get known... to meet new bloggers and to have more information about many things. It is indeed a great invention and I personally congratulate the creator of this community.

So I will be on the watch... and if you do have noticed members like this please also send me a comment.


Maria said...

Hello kababayan [we were like an hour away from baliuag by way of Pandi]! I agree with you, it's really annoying that some bloggers just want the traffic for nothing. I hope EC will put in suspension those that do not display the widget or something like that.

I also posted on a similar topic, Why Are You Entrecard-ing

Rachel said...

I have to say I really like Entercard, but most of the time when someone drops on my site, they don't leave a comment. I do my best to try and leave a comment on every site that I drop a card on. They say you don't have to, but that it would be nice if you did. So i try to adhere to that, but I find that most people don't.

They come they drop they leave, I will read a story and make a comment and drop my card, am I alone?

Sue said...

I hate to validate this otherwise nonsensical post with a reply but here goes.

1. Not everyone has time/energy/interest in dropping.
2. Few people who drop actually read.
3. By having a widget on my blog I'm providing much needed/desired advertising FREE to another blogger.

There are so many more reasons that you are completely wrong but let's just start with those three.

U.S. Common Sense said...

Yeah, I do come across a few sites that don't display the widget ... or at least I'm not finding it on their site. It is annoying. Before I choose to advertise on someone's site, I visit it first to make sure that a) the widget is easily visible and b) the content posted is family-friendly.

As far as commenting while dropping, I don't always practice this. Basically it boils down to time, or the lack there of. When I'm checking out EntreCard sites to see if someone has posted an artice that relates to what I am writing, I can jump through 70 different sites within 30 minutes. Since I'm on their site, I'll drop a card, but I don't have time to leave a comment. I feel that the "link love" I provide by adding their name/link in my article makes up for it.

Shen said...

Thanks for all the comments. The topic is mainly on those sites which are members of Entrecard and are not displaying the EC widget... I was surprised by Sue's comments saying that this post is nonsensical and then sites reasons which I do also agree.

I think that by having the widget you are in fact helping the community grow and other bloggers as well.