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Blogging on Cool Cars.. If Cars You Want to Know Check this Out!

Surfing through entrecard exposes me to various blogs and I am glad that I did join this network. Here is one blog that blogs about cool cars and not only does he right about it because the site gives us the specification of the car as well as every detail that a car lover wishes to know.

It's still a relatively new blog but with the content that it began publishing I think that it will be one of the most favorite blogs in the car category as long as the owner does not get tired of getting all those specification online.

So what are you waiting for VISIT COOL CARS now!


Brad Davidson said...

that's a pretty darn good site

another one i came across is running a competition for pics of cool subaru's

hope its ok to post the link


Venom said...

Hi thank you very much for your good review about my cool cars blog, I will be your faithful reader. Don't get bored to see me in your visitor list thanks !!!

Shen said...

Your welcome Venom! I will also be publishing this review on another site ... thanks for being a loyal and faithful reader!