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The Life Trends Online Magazine is a spin off site from News Around Us.  It is no longer just a blog and news site but more of a magazine which features the latest trends in fashion, entertainment, technology, social media, life style and more.  It is also a site where we will talk about what's in and what's not and discuss about the latest issues happening around the globe.

The site operates from the Philippines and had been very active since 2010 in providing providing worldwide news from sports, to entertainment, to music, to weird news and even to opinions about current issues.

This time we want to provide more valuable and timely content to our dear readers.  We hope that we will have more contributors soon.

Editorial Staff

Editor in Chief: David D. D'Angelo

Digital Marketing Specialist, Blogger, Host, Events Organizer, Cosplayer, Writer and proud Pinoy.

Associate Editor: Ranne Tubig

Food & Lifestyle Blogger, Otome Games-Seiyuu, YouTuber. I don't add people who I haven't met yet.

Managing Editor: Lie Pagtalunan

Sometimes I've believed as many as possible as 6 Impossible things before breakfast.

Correspondent: Eleazar Santos

I’m a thinker. I have an open mind about what will work and I like to explore alternative solutions.

The Life Trends Online Magazine is open for contributors just email the Editor in Chief at and indicate "Contributor Application for The Life Trends Online Magazine" in the subject.

Thank you very much 😉