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How to get Free SSL Certificates

SSL Certificate is an essential requirement for a secure website.  Some website designers and even bloggers find it hard to get a reliable and affordable SSL for their website.  Now, we would like to share how to get a FREE SSL Certificate as well as free SSL tools.

Get your Free SSL Certificates

When Google mandated that sites should be secured, my immediate problem is how do I get an affordable SSL certificate.  I searched online and there I found free SSL certificate sites, however, not all hosting services accepts free SSL especially GoDaddy.

There is where I discovered about Zero SSL.  They provide free certificates for your website and also a very user friendly information on how to deploy it on any server.  I am using GoDaddy and I find it hard but with them, it was very easy.

You can avail free 90-day SSL certificates for your website and just renew it everytime.  You can also avail their premium services and get access to a 1-year and event a wildcard certificate for your site.

I would not talk about them much but if there is one thing I know they are very reliable.

If you want to get free SSL certificates for your website just visit this link.

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