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What is China's Secret About COVID-19?

China will soon be lifting the lockdown in the City of Wuhan and across China.  Videos and propaganda announce their triumph against the COVID-19 virus.  What did they do?  How did it happen?  Why are they not sharing this knowledge with the world?

What really happened in China?

Do you really believe that the death toll in China is just around more than 3,000?  Do you really believe that cases are just around 80,000+?  China is one of the most populous countries in the world and yet they managed to combat COVID-19 in just 2 months.

The Communist Government of China sanctions all the news.  If you will see their current strategy they are positioning themselves as "the only country" who manage to deal with the virus and is now the "main country" who will help the world.  In this regard, the whole world will be indebted to them.

Reports, however, although these are from anonymous sources but are now being reported by legitimate news agencies like Yahoo! and Fox is telling a whole different story.

According to the reports incinerators are working round the clock and Wuhan residents believes that the real cases in Wuhan alone are around 500,000 with around 40,000 deaths.  This is a big difference compared to the actual data released by China.

Fox also reported large Urn deliveries to China.  Deliveries which are relatively more than the deaths that were accounted for.

The United Nations (UN) and the World Health Organization (WHO) should demand from China the release of real figures.  They should investigate and interview people as to the real situation.  This will be the real key by which we can be victorious against COVID-19.

China's Responsibility

COVID-19 originated from Wuhan, China.  There was an attempt to cover it up and silence a doctor for which later on died because of the virus.  China should be made accountable for this irresponsibility. 

The current worldwide spread of the virus which now claimed the lives of close to 40,000 people is not something to just forget.  COVID-19 could have been prevented earlier if China did not try to cover it up.

China should also share the true data of its COVID-19 cases and how they manage to be COVID free.  If they really want to help they should be transparent.

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