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Discipline and Pity for the Chinese nationals in the Philippines.

I am really against "some" Chinese nationals here in the Philippines who are rude, spits, pees and poops in public. And just recently, Chinese love birds were recorded in public at Northgate Alabang treating the open area like a motel! Aren't these people supposed to be oriented with the culture and decorum that you must display in the Philippines? I also have found out that some Chinese nationals both tourists and working for online gaming companies here don't care at all with the way we think, live and how we behave?  and what people think about them. Action must be done. Thank goodness Yorme Isko took action to hunt down the Chinese guy who pissed in public in Manila and punched a local enforcer.  

I have a personal experience myself. In a mall in Muntinlupa, I dropped by their food court to eat. When my order is taken, a Chinese lady abruptly knocked on the counter table and said.." Hey! Hey! One that! One that! Quick! Quick!". My head turned slowly like a possed doll and looked sharply to that rude lady.

The order taker looked angry and just took the lady's order.  A few minutes later, my food was assembled and served on a try ...then again suddenly...again the Chinese lady abruptly shouted and tapped on the counter table saying..." Hey! Hey! Where my food?! Where my food?!"  There I got really pissed. Good thing I picked up a few Chinese expressions in Singapore where I finished college. Again, Singapore where everything is strict, disciplined and decent.  In a deep voice.."Huwei Laoja! Ching Biyawshi jingyi!" (Excuse me, please show some respect). Then the lady went aghast.."Aw! Aw!..soree sorree" ...and left in hurry along with her male companion who just looked down on the floor. 

The order taker broke down in tears and her manager told me that the same lady has been treating her that way since their Online Gaming company opened in that building. I was thanked that in a way, revenge is given for the oppressed order taker.  I told the manager, do not let yourself be oppressed, report it to the mall administrator. You are a tenant like them. And by the way, don't mind them, they don't have an exact word for "Excuse me".

Word spread fast and the mall security approached me and asked what happened. told the whole story and sent word for his OIC to report the incident. Luckily, the mall OIC knows me as I have done business in the mall for quite some time.  A group of Chinese looked at me with worry like they are in trouble...and by the way, I saw the same rude lady sitting with them sharing food from her colleagues.  So turned out, it is not the first time an incident report was filed against the company..over 25 incident reports. Smoking in Mall staff bathrooms, spitting on the floor, both rugged and tiled, rude approach not just to mall tenants but also to some mall customers as well!

Bottomline, they don't care because they think that whatever they can do in China, they can do it here. That is soo wrong!

Support for Wuhan

On the other hand.

Their fellow countrymen in Wuhan, Hubei Province in China are literally afraid for their lives due to the outbreak. Like us Filipinos, they (Chinese nationals) fear the "Corona Virus". It's not all their fault. It's the situation.

Tears suddenly start breaking when I watch this video from Wuhan chanting " "Wuhan jiāyóu!" (Wuhan Keep Fight) (Laban lang Wuhan) ... I suddenly felt helpless for them. Having a city Lockdown is not a joke! It's not just the kids who are afraid...everyone. Because they don't want to die.

I have friends and former students from China, some are from Wuhan.

Let's Pray for the people of Wuhan China.
#Pray4Wuhan #Wuhanjiāyóu (Laban lang Wuhan)