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Avengers Endgame End Credits Meaning

Have you watched the Avengers EndGame?  If you have not yet watched it and will still be watching it then you better not continue reading this but BE SURE TO STAY UNTIL THE END.  There are no amazing ending cinematic credits but there is something at the end.  Listen carefully.







What is the meaning of Avengers Endgame End Credits?

If you stayed till the end of Avenger Endgame you might have heard of a clanking sound similar to that sound when Tony Stark is first making his Ironman armor.  What does this sound mean?

Is Tony Stark alive after all?  Well, at first I thought that was the meaning of it but after due consideration I highly doubt it.  I think the story is moving on the same way as Captain America gave his shield to Falcon.

So what does it mean?

Introducing Harley, Tony Stark's Sidekick

I am 90% confident that there will be a new Ironman.  If you remember there was a boy which helped Tony Stark in Ironman 3.  He also gave some tools to him and that boy appears in the funeral for Tony Stark.  If you notice the focus of the camera there is some intensity to it signifying something.

Actor Ty Simpkins plays Harley Keene in Iron Man 3 and he is very visible in the funeral of Tony Stark in Endgame.  So what will be the future role of Harley in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

Harley and the Next Ironman

The clanking you are hearing at the end of Avengers Endgame might be signifying the start of a new chapter for Ironman, who will it be?

Let us introduce you to IRON HEART.

Although I believe that Harley might indeed be the MCU's version of Iron Heart, he might totally be a new different version with a new name.  The original Iron Heart is a POC and is a female.  Will Disney change it or will they make a new character?  We do not know but the possibility of Harley being part of the next movies is really high in my opinion.

What do you think of this theory?  Do you have a theory of your own?  Share it with us.

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