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Hannibal TV Series Review

The story about Hannibal Lecter had been a fascinating story since it was first introduced through the movie Silence of the Lambs.  The AXN series, Hannibal perhaps had brought a whole new thrill to the already great story.  Season 2 finale showed a shocking ending to Hannibal and opens up a lot of question for the upcoming Season 3 and I am sure there will be a next season for this.

The intriguing turn of events between the relationship of Will Graham, Jack Crawford and Hannibal Lecter was so far one of the best storytelling I have ever seen.  I never saw the events coming in that way.  I thought that things would not be that bias for Hannibal, however, the series proved the other way around and it had been all for Hannibal after all.

If I would be asked to vote for a Top TV series among all the series that I have watched so far, Hannibal would be among the top 5 with Orphan Black and The Walking Dead.  The story left everyone hanging in Season 1 and then it left everyone wide eyes in Season 2 as almost everyone is at life's critical moment.

Who will survive among the characters that Hannibal had tried to end in Season 2?  

Here are the TV series trailer for Hannibal Season 1 and Hannibal Season 2.

The biggest surprise for the season finale was bringing a character long believed to be dead back on the story and then killing her once again at the season 2 finale.  Was she really dead this time?  Well, we are not sure since the ending is a total cliffhanger.
I give 5 stars for Hannibal TV series for the basic reason that it is one great show and each episode is one heart pounding episode one after the other.  Every episode tells a separate story, a story in which Hannibal has a hand.
Hugh Dancy plays Will Graham, a gifted criminal profiler and hunter of serial killers, while Mads Mikkelsen plays Dr. Hannibal Lecter, a brilliant forensic psychiatrist, cannibalistic serial killer, and culinarian;   The collaboration of the acting of these two is what made the series just epic.
Hannibal is highly visual and I would not advice young children to watch it due to its violent and graphic content.  Each sentence and each dialogue for this series is very important for the complete appreciation of the viewers.
This is a highly recommended TV series for those who can watch graphic and violent content.  II would just say that everyone should be ready for Season 3, as NBC renewed Hannibal for a third season on May 9, 2014.

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