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Netflix Review: Sense8 and Update on Season 3

Sense8 is one of the series on Netflix which will make you question if it is based on reality or not.  Why is this series so intriguing and why you should watch and enjoy it?  Here is out Sernse8 review.

CHARACTER8. I would say that I love each of the character particularly Van Damn or Capheus "Van Damn" Onyango, as well as Lito Rodriguez.  All of the characters are to be loved and their acting is superb.  It is very difficult to make each character unique and recognizable but in this series, Netflix nailed it.  If there is one thing that I did not like was the changing of the actor for Van Damn.  I like Ami Ameen more than Toby Onwumere.  I wonder what happened with him that made him not part of Season 2, any way Toby did catch up to the acting at the second half of the second season so it's good.

The cast includes:
  • Aml Ameen (season 1) / Toby Onwumere (season 2)[7] as Capheus "Van Damn" Onyango, a matatu driver in Nairobi who is trying to earn money to buy HIV/AIDS medication for his mother. Capheus' matatu is called the "Van Damn" and sports drawings of Jean-Claude Van Damme as he is a passionate fan of his movies. 
  • Doona Bae as Sun Bak, daughter of a powerful Seoul businessman and a burgeoning star in the underground kickboxing world.
  • Jamie Clayton as Nomi Marks, a trans woman hacktivist, and blogger living in San Francisco with her girlfriend Amanita.
  • Tina Desai as Kala Dandekar, a university-educated pharmacist and devout Hindu in Mumbai who is engaged to marry a man she does not love.
  • Tuppence Middleton as Riley Blue (née Gunnarsdóttir), an Icelandic DJ living in London who is trying to escape a tragic past.
  • Max Riemelt as Wolfgang Bogdanow, a Berlin locksmith, and safe-cracker who has unresolved issues with his late father and participates in organized crime.
  • Miguel Ángel Silvestre as Lito Rodriguez, a closeted actor of Spanish background living in Mexico City with his boyfriend Hernando.
  • Brian J. Smith as Will Gorski, a Chicago police officer haunted by an unsolved murder from his childhood.
COHERENCE:  9. The series was very smooth and slowly opens up to the viewers the idea of the Homo Sensorium which is a different species of the human race.  They have this so-called collective mind where they can feel one another and access their skills and mind.  Sense8, in fact, means sensate.  The whole series was fine except for the ending of Season 1 which I would say is a bit a downturn for me, it could have been a lot better.  Season 2 is way better and the ending was really superb and emotional.

DEPTH:  10.  Creating a series which talks about something as scientific as this is very difficult.  The whole Homo Sensorium idea will definitely make you do the research and ask yourself if it was real.  Was it?  Perhaps it is.

The story revolves around how an organization called BPO changed from protecting Homo Sensoriums to actually hunting them,  A central character called the "Cannibal" is hunting Sensates and wanted to lobotomize them and remove their ability or at some point to control and use them.

One of the best scenes would always be about having sex because as one experiences it, everyone does.

MUSIC: 10.  The music and rave included in this series is very well done and orchestrated.  I would really love to have the complete soundtrack of this series.

VISUAL EFFECTS: 10.   It took a lot of effort to shot scenes in this series because you will have to shot it multiple times.  First, with the individual actor in the scene and then next time integrating the other characters which are also present on the scene via the capabilities of a sensate.  The director and the crew is very successful at making this very effective.

RECOMMENDATION:  10.  I highly recommend everyone to watch Sense8 TV series.  It is worth your time to be glued and enjoy the plot of this series.  There is fun, laughter and intense moments which you will surely love.  I am glad that I was able to watch it when everything was released and done and avoided the agony of the almost cancellation of S


Sense8 Season 3

Sense8 was almost canceled during Season 2 because of its expensive production - $9 million an episode.  This is bigger than the $6 million an episode for HBO's Game of Thrones.  According to various sources the audience for Sense8 is tiny compared to the huge success for GOT.

“When I say that, a big expensive show for a huge audience is great,” Sarandos said. “A big, expensive show for a tiny audience is hard even in our model to make that work very long.”
The low viewership might be because of title recollection which is a bit difficult and migth be because to a more scientifically oriented series.  Overall, it was good though and for me I will watch this against Game of Thrones.

Now, what about Sense8 Season 3?

Lana Wachowski is writing season 3 of Sense8 because she believes fans can spread the word enough to get us that renewal ❤️  — Common Gay Boy (@CGBPosts) August 5, 2017
I am really hoping that there will be a Sense8 Season 3, after all it was the first ever US TV Series which my girlfriend did watch and mind you she had never watched a series with me before and said she loved it.  She stayed with me for late nights just to watch it and even asked for more.

Sense 8 Season 3 Petition

I really want to see Sense 8 Season 3 and I searched for a petition that we fans of the series can support.  So here it is and let us hope that more people will sign and more people will watch the series.  This is a very good series.


So what do you think about Sense8?  Have you watched it already?  Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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