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Justice for CL - The Dark Side of YG?

We do not know what is happening but the hashtag #JusticeforCL is trending on Twitter.  It seems that she is finally talking about what really happened and how YG manipulated her thinking that 2NE1 would be having a comeback only to be disappointed.

Justice for CL

CL's American dream according to an article was already on the brink of a disaster after non-release of her songs.  She recorded over 200 songs according to the article but not a single one of them had been released.

There was one music video which leaked, "All In," and it shows a new and daring CL.  The video if fully released as well as the song could be a hit but it never was.

Dark Side of YG?

According to the tweets within the #JusticeforCL hashtag, CL was manipulated with the promise of a 2NE1 comeback into re-signing a contract with YG.  She signed but to her disbelief, 2NE1 was disbanded.

How come that such a group with no direct rival and with such a success be suddenly disbanded? What was the reason behind it?

CL also reveals about the dark culture inside YG entertainment which might also give us a closer look at how our favorite KPop idols are living.

CL said that that her label tried to coerce her to go under the knife against her will. “They told me to get plastic surgery before my debut, she told ELLE in 2013. “I stood up for myself and said ‘No, I'm not doing it.’” On a Korean television show in 2012, she said that YG Entertainment’s founder, Yang Hyun-suk, called 2NE1 “ugly” when they were rehearsing without makeup. - FADER

What's next for CL?

CL exhibits a new single - LIFTED which was pinned on her Twitter account.  It shows how talented she is and I think she deserves more of our support.

I also hope that if it is still possible, that 2NE1 will indeed have a comeback.  2NE1 is one of the best KPop groups that I had ever seen.  They are so talented, energetic and connects to almost everyone.  Hang on there CL.  Show some love for our girl.

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