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Brillante Mendoza's AMO review

It was the first time that I saw a Filipino series on Netflix and so I am very excited to watch it.  AMO is a series directed by multi-awarded director Brillante Mendoza.  The story revolved around drugs and the current war on drugs of the Duterte Administration.  Here is our review of Amo by Brillante Mendoza.

Fairness and Realism of Amo

Let us begin with our review by looking at the fairness in the storytelling and realism of Brillante Mendoza's Amo.  Was it realistic and accurate or was it bias and in favor of the government?

If you watch the entire series of 13 episodes, with less than 30 minutes per episode you will see the answer to this.  You need to watch it with an open and non-bias mind.

The story features a young student who was used as a drug courier, he was included in the Tokhang list but was cleared due to his Uncle which is also a police.  Later on, he is involved with a higher crime and his friends and family died while he escapes.

Amo also in some way features the controversial kidnap-for-ransom of a Japanese national by the police which happened inside Camp Crame itself.  The victim was then cremated and in the end, the culprits were caught and killed.

The storytelling is very realistic and without bias.  It shows what is really happening in our society and shows the web of the drug problem.  It involves everyone even the police.  It also touches vigilantes and rogue cops.  Where is the bias then?

This series captures the reality of life.  Will you be looking for the motivation

Cinematic Value of Amo

Amo is a very good series to watch.  It is not boring and while watching it you will learn a lot of things.  It teaches a lot of lessons most especially the fact that drugs are dangerous and you should never ever be involved with it.

the storytelling is very simple, personal and emotional.  It shows the two side of the truth between the victim and the police.  It also shows the ugly truth that our society has a prevailing culture of corruption where the rich escapes the law and the poor suffers.

Rating and Recommendation

I would give Amo a 90/100 rating and a very high recommendation for everyone to watch.  It is available on Netflix and while it is please do watch it.

If you have other perspective and say about Brillante Mendoza's Amo please do comment below.

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