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Watch Avengers Infinity War Review and New Trailer

Marvel Studios has just released the newest Avengers Infinity War trailer and it looks very exciting.  We might just be seeing one epic movie and this one will definitely surpass the US41 Billion mark in no time.  Watch the Avengers Infinity War Review and New Trailer.

Avengers Infinity War Review (Initial Forecast)

I am seeing that this movie will be something in which Thanos will be victorious as any other 2-part movie is.  He is just so strong and Loki will add up to that strength.  If you will notice Loki had always been the man in most of the Marvel cinematic universe movies.  This guy should be dead already.

How about Adam Warlock?  Where is he in the series?  Will he be finally appearing as the enemy in Guardians of the Galaxy 3?  Let us see the timeline of future Marvel cinematic universe movies.

By the looks of it, seems like there will be no Guardians of the Galaxy 3 prior to Avengers Infinity War 2.

Avengers Infinity War Questions

For fans of Marvel Comics there will surely be tons of questions and of course you can add your own questions and even answer some of them at the comment section.  Meanwhile, here are mind:

  1. Will the X-Men be included in Avengers Infinity War 2 now that Disney acquired Fox?
  2. Where is Adam Warlock in all of this equation?
  3. Will "The Watchers" play a role in the movie?
  4. What about Fantastic Four, will they even have a cameo?
  5. Would Wolverine show up in the movie?
Well those are just some of the questions which we are all excitied to have an answer to.  

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