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Solving Ming ming ming vs Wswswsws

The debate is on in the Philippines between "ming ming ming" wswswsws."  Which method do you wish to call a cat?  Is it the first one or the second one?  Which is even more effective?
and "

Experience on Mingmingming and Wswswsws

I commonly use wswswsws rather than ming ming ming.  The truth about this is that cats are more sensitive to wswswsws rather than the other one although I still have to have a trial on this.  However, in some movies mingmingming is associated to other things like in this movie of Babalu and Redford White.

I will try to conduct an investigation on this issue and try to feature it on my Youtube channel as well as document the results.  I never knew that this was quite an issue nowadays.

Netizens debates on ming ming ming and wswswsws

Well the debate will go on and still there is another one "swswswsw."  How do you even say that anyway?  Well, as for you which do you prefer "mingmingming" or "wswswsws?"

Share your comments and answers below.

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